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Help with solving Crosswords

Big Dave’s Little Guide to Cryptic Crosswords how cryptic clues can be solved
Obscure Words words used in crosswords that are rarely, if ever, seen elsewhere.
The Pedant’s Guide to Crosswords gripes about errors found in crossword clues
The Usual Suspects elements commonly used in the wordplay of cryptic crosswords
Wolves in Sheep’s clothing words with meanings that are not always immediately obvious

Advice from Anax

Actually Setting – the anatomy of a crossword

From The Top – a start-to-finish story of setting a cryptic crossword puzzle

Cryptic Crosswords – The Rules

Advice from Peter Biddlecombe

Which books should I read? – a guide to crossword books

What cryptic solvers need to know – in one page

Smartphones and Tablets

Crosswords on the move – how to access crosswords by Prolixic

Crossword Workshops

Tim Moorey’s Crossword Workshops

Puzzles Index

A selection of puzzles including the Prize Puzzles, the Not the Saturday Prize Puzzles and the Rookie Corner

Prize Puzzles

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzles

Rookie Corner

Special Puzzles

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Created 17 February 2010

Updated 04 June 2018