Tim Moorey’s Crossword Workshops

A Brief Outline

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Have you always been puzzled by cryptic crosswords?  Do you want to do better with your daily solving?  A relaxed workshop with like-minded people in various UK locations could help and be fun.

Who is the course for?

Complete beginners and those wishing to improve crossword skills. Age is irrelevant. A love and appreciation of the English language is all you need to bring along.

Workshops, consisting almost entirely of solving puzzles together for fun and with the aim of improving skills of already fairly experienced solvers of a daily cryptic, are also run.

How does it work?

As shown in examples below, we will go through the various clue types in easy-to-follow charts, and how to recognise each type. On the way we’ll explore the tricks of the trade and the subtle use of the wonderful English language employed by various crossword setters. There will be lots of practice in solving puzzles from various newspapers and magazines, including the tutor’s own published crosswords.

Tailored as far as possible to your own skill level, the course has a big emphasis on fun and “no embarrassment for anyone” is a guarantee.

Is it true, as some argue, that you cannot “teach” crosswords?

Absolutely not, as shown by results over the past 10 years in course assessments and later comments of many former students.


At various UK locations including Marlborough College Summer School every July and ad hoc for groups such as University of the Third Age and Women’s Institute.

Courses can be residential. Details of those presently on offer are on www.timmoorey.info or you can email using the contact form at the foot of the page.

Here are some examples of how the subject is presented:

Here is an Anagram clue example:

This is a Reversal type clue:

This clue type involves something to be taken away:

There are more types of clue:

After a few more slides, we then move straight into solving clues and whole puzzles with many tips on the way,
for example:

Who is the tutor?

Tim Moorey is a crossword setter for the Sunday Times, The Week and others. An experienced adult tutor for the past 15 or so years, he is a sought after speaker on crosswords, for example being on the WI speaker panels for Surrey, Kent and Essex.  He is the author of How to Master The Times Crossword, published by HarperCollins, and a consultant for Chambers Crossword Dictionary.

He will take you through the fascinating realms of a particularly British institution. Age is irrelevant; you can be a complete beginner or someone wanting to improve solving skills. Decidedly not competitive, the emphasis is on fun in a relaxed teach-in, tailored as far as possible to your own skill level.

To contact Tim use the form below:

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