NTSPP – 002

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 002

20th February 2010

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This is the second in a series of additional weekend puzzles.

After the ridiculous fuss created last week, we should be returning to calmer waters today.  Prolixic started by leaving comments on the site, and then rather foolishly tried to drink me under the table at the White Horse a few weeks back (he thought he had a chance because I had already been there for about three hours!).  Following this meeting he has written his first review and today we present his debut cryptic puzzle.

The puzzle has a theme, which you should discover fairly quickly, and this will help with quite a few of the clues.  To say any more would spoil that “penny drop” moment.

Next week we have a puzzle from Radler.  Anax pointed him in the direction of the Alberich site (see the sidebar)  and you will discover two more of his puzzles there.

Setter’s Notes

When Big Dave suggested that I turn my hand to setting a crossword, I was on my third or fourth pint so it was difficult to refuse!  My only experience was setting one clue at a time on the DIY COW website (see the link on the right).  Setting a whole puzzle was an eye-opener to how difficult it is to produce a complete crossword.  I stand in awe of the setters who manage to produce stunning crosswords week after week.  It was also tremendous fun putting the puzzle together and seeing the first grid and the clues on paper.

When setting the clues, I decided early on to try and include a range of clues that would enable all readers of the blog to have a go from members of the Clueless Club to more experienced solvers.  This is not in the same league as Anax’s puzzle last Saturday!  Therefore there are some easier clues with, I hope, some more challenging ones.  The theme came to me in an obscure moment when pondering producing the crossword.  I hope that those who dislike such crosswords will persevere and forgive the themed element.

I would like to say a big thank you to Gnomethang who gave the crossword its first test drive and weeded out some real howlers.  Thanks are due also to Gazza, Libellule and particularly Tilsit for their helpful comments and encouragement.  Any remaining infelicities remain mine alone.

I hope that you enjoy my first crossword and that it raises more smiles than sucked teeth!

The puzzle

Odd One Out by Prolixic

Nine themed clues in this puzzle lack proper definitions. They are defined collectively by one of the remaining clues.
When found, one of the answers should not be there. Which one is it?

If you prefer your puzzles on paper, click on the grid to download a pdf of the puzzle.
Additionally there is an interactive version of the puzzle here

Across Down
1 Bogus American (6) 1 Teacher wins trophy after game of Chinese Whispers. It’s unexpected. (8)
4 Signs of division? (8) 2 When about f-face produces insults (8)
9 Second Bill’s read to the House (5) 3 Silas rues holding back Caesar’s bear (4)
10  Small lad sent back incomplete data (3) 5 Admit internee is confused and uncertain (13)
11  One night in Quebec for an eskimo (5) 6 Superego and Id perhaps steer one in the right direction (5,5)
12  Fleece man on board? (4) 7 Slimy lizard’s hunting ground? (6)
13  Drayton’s missing lecturer (3,1) 8 Ridicule South African flag (6)
14  Large cocktail (5) 10  Teetotaller nurses tipsy Lancastrian across the pond (13)
16  Prophets house Rechabite’s dogs (7) 15  The heart of a beauty? (5-5)
17  Disturbance created when former tax men return books (4) 19  Soldier’s essential job with leading province (8)
18  One jolly member (3) 20  Basic values assumed by Penny over mistakes made taking a drug (8)
21  A little while back (4) 23  Hospital space gets a face-lift (6)
22  Game record producer takes a couple of seconds to produce a list (7) 24  Core syllabus managers (6)
25  Small cases found in untidy suite (5) 28  Copied notice about exercises (4)
26  Article on American chopper (4)
27  Nice new holder for Iris’s make-up? (4)
29  Tim Nice But Dim? That man has a personal problem. (5)
30  Bond’s an Asian we hear (3)
31  Vindictive friend takes on bridge opponents (5)
32  One’s lacking in awareness of judgement (8)
33  Allows entrance to new stadiums without us (6)

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