NTSPP – 013

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 013

Superficial Cuts by Radler

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Welcome to the thirteenth in our series of weekly puzzles.

Radler reaches his fourth on this site – and don’t forget he has a further puzzles on Alberich (see the main Crosswords page for a link).

Setter’s Notes

My test solver described this crossword as challenging. So probably akin to a Toughie rather than to an ordinary daily cryptic, but I hope it provides the right degree of challenge for you.

The preamble explains that all clues are defined normally, but one letter is omitted from the subsidiary part (or “wordplay”) of the across clues. If, like many people, you solve puzzles without fully appreciating the wordplay, this may not greatly add to the difficulty. Furthermore, all across solutions have something in common which will help you if you notice it.

Additional help

You can reveal some additional help by selecting the text between the curly brackets:

{Each of the across answers ends with the same letter as its initial letter.  The clues alternate between omitting the first and the last letter from the wordplay.  This is why the preamble states – “one (otherwise determinable) letter is regularly omitted”.}

The puzzle

Superficial Cuts by Radler

If you prefer your puzzles on paper, click on the grid to download a pdf of the puzzle.
Additionally there is an interactive version of the puzzle here

Across solutions are of a kind and one (otherwise determinable) letter is regularly omitted from the subsidiary parts of the clues.
Down clues are normal.

Across Down
1 Divine relic characterised Reformation? (6) 2 Leisurely movement left no capacity initially for goods (5)
5 Explicit jumper that’s not inclined to cover top (4,4) 3 Quarrel with cripple about name (3-2)
9 Having had a dip, pulled front off (8) 4 Share quarters (approx.) with my small amount (7)
10 Go overboard and head to end of harbour (6) 5 Old accomplice contentedly quaffed a Riesling! (7)
11 Plant Oscar’s shotgun next to Chuck (10) 6 Devoted follower of fashion from Loch Tay (7)
12 One in the morning, returns to woman’s address (4) 7 Man goes into capital with better half, one used to assess what’s current (9)
13 Forearm from Frenchman let loose on racket (8) 8 King shook head once and folded arms (9)
16 White colour reveals description of modern contrivance (2-4) 14 Explode in rage after damage spread (9)
17 Run away from worker on the game (6) 15 Warning signal from Capone – might pay a visit! (5,4)
19 Old Bob leaves lady of the manor (8) 18 Submit with nut cracking sound (7)
21 Remove member from train (4) 19 Paint-remover for Republican slogan? (7)
22 Determine finance when Spain leaves over quarrel (6,4) 20 Cold-blooded order to lead our troops around (7)
25 The first man to go without motor… a CO2 producer (6) 23 Divine cause, getting every way but North (5)
26 Wader passes water (urine) (8) 24 Swelling with ease (5)
27 Able, prepared and always contracted to supply traditional refreshment (4,4)
28 Role play with a leading part to pupil (6)

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