NTSPP – 088

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 088

An Alphabetical Jigsaw by Radler

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Welcome to the latest in our series of weekly puzzles.

This week we have an Alphabetical Jigsaw by Radler.  Just follow the instructions below the grid and you will soon be able to work out the positions of some of the answers and the rest should follow.

The puzzle

An Alphabetical Jigsaw by Radler

There is an interactive version of the puzzle here, but please note that this is in standard non-jigsaw format.

If you prefer your puzzles on paper, a pdf of the puzzle an be downloaded from here.

The clues are listed in order of the initial letters of their solutions and must be inserted jigsaw-style into the grid.

A Ran out rebelling against the Med’s substance and style (3,7) N Anxiously Chamberlain clutching writing perhaps, dismissing the European policy’s conclusion (7)
B Letter P for Pip (4) O Exposed working of public company (8)
C Bent copper arrested hacker finally; politician gave direction (8) P Bad-tempered Clark Kent’s half-cut? (8)
D Declines treat – regained stone (13) Q Re loss, applies for searches (6)
E Woman’s new uniform (4) R Lauren 9, fully exposes cheese maker (6)
F Leads to Ian’s greenhouse where part keeps plants (8) S Essentially asked and revealed plan (8)
G Like Dennis’s dog, Midge’s tail docked by Carol (reportedly drunk) (8) T Married, divorced, once you provide with motive (5)
H G’day, nearly Down Under (4) Tough miss, you nearly retired but grave came first (6)
I International C&A store, a Parisian’s summer refreshment (3,3) U Separate upper-class twits with no balls (7)
J Setback to Muslim act of worship involving one pure biblical man (8) V On the way back, bought several clothes to put on (4)
K Making United’s name in supply of sportswear (8) W Loop supplying running hot water (6)
People quoted product of R (5) X Holidays by ordinary people gone South (6)
L  Capital stolen from Tony’s hiding places (5) Y Easily frightened Sam’s first, directly on trail of huskies? (6,4)
M  One making fun of mate, not posh but old (6) Z Fanatic Yankee follower Earl scores (6)

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