NTSPP – 102

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 102

An Alphabetical Jigsaw by Hieroglyph

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Welcome to the latest in our series of weekly puzzles.

This week we have an Alphabetical Jigsaw by Hieroglyph. Just follow the instructions below the grid and you will soon be able to work out the positions of some of the answers and the rest should follow.

The puzzle

An Alphabetical Jigsaw by Hieroglyph

There is an interactive version of the puzzle here, but please note that this is in standard non-jigsaw format.

If you prefer your puzzles on paper, a pdf of the puzzle an be downloaded from here.

Solve the clues and fit them into the grid, wherever they will go.

A A throwback is hard to get rid of (7) M Satellite republic’s alternative glass (6)
B Poet read a blue composition involving setter (10) N American cupcakes, etc., Susan baked (8)
C Struggle’s over when learner has absconded (7) O Unexpected first? (8)
D Fed up, overdue and let down? (7) P Temple deep in worship a god appears (6)
E Former lover I judge and find innocent (9) P A proud mop styled into a hairdo (9)
E Hole in landlord’s admission, it’s said (6) Q Flight case in motion (6)
F Embroideries of sagging t-tapestry? (10) R Lower thief may be heard in the bushes (7)
G Grand to be idle at the finish? (5) S Most keen adversity, oddly ignored by Katharina? (9)
H Elizabeth’s game? (6) T Union outfit initially trashed by confessor (9)
I Here in Paris, the queen is colder (5) U Source of guttural sounds, following strangely unchivalrous omission of Cornish pasty (5)
J Joe’s odds-on to cause pain when telling jokes (7) V Gripped by divorce settlement, lacking alternative (5)
J Fun when harassed stoic is overcome by happiness (8) W Paint with charcoal? (4)
K Anoraks look back over Silver Surfer’s first appearance (7) X High fliers failing exam (4)
K King – pulp author’s introduction to Misery is capital (8) Y Those longing for variable bread-makers (8)
L Advance in playground activity? (8) Z Animals by the sea moved quickly (6)

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