Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

A collection of words used in crosswords with meanings that are not always immediately obvious.

This list does not include words already given in the Usual Suspects page

Word in the clue Definition
BBC Auntie
bizzy / busy detective
bread cash, money, currency
burden chorus; refrain (the part of a song repeated at the end of every stanza)
enemy time
George autopilot (RAF slang)
host army; religious sacrament
house one of twelve signs of the zodiac or divisions of the heavens in astrology
issue children
keen cry, weep
lower(s) cattle, cow(s)
mole breakwater
near mean, stingy, parsimonious
neat cattle, oxen
organ newspaper
ready / readies cash, dosh, money, currency
rhino cash, dosh, money, currency
ruth pity
shock hair
snow leopard ounce
tod fox (Scottish)
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