ADiscover Belinda Carlisle's requirement? (6,2)
BHector Dickens about wizard content (7)
CCharles, entertaining Earl, absorbs Victor Hugo (6)
CSend to the bottom headless resident of the inky depths? (6)
DOne cornered with paper hat (5)
EWessex, England's outsiders for return tie (6)
FMusic genre role playing is the stuff of legend (8)
GSlurp this, having exchanged PG Tips! (6)
HLack of fine 18" special lines (8)
IKnut's magnetic flux density meter (4)
JCondom (yellow) keeping it up, Romeo is more perky (8)
KThe King's head is swelling (4)
LFearful chicken outlet after being set on fire (6)
MShe brushes off drunken PM's romp (3,4)
NBeing told off (failing in definition) (8)
OText "love you madly" - it gets seedy (5)
PHaving snooped on Brussels, I grabbed a pew (4-4)
QWrap around blue Lalique sculpture (10)
RDiminish D disheartened, tore wildly about (6,2)
SGirl's fringe affair (7)
TRed hot dish sold in Cannes, on dit (6,4)
UMs. Palmer-Tomkinson left struggling manufactory awkwardly positioned (7)
VHe wrote V for Z in DRC once (8)
WInfantry Warrant Officer runs streets ahead (3,2,5)
XThud! An axeman returns to capture Kubla Khan's city (6)
YBoat hauled up dry slipway (4)
YThe old recording of Hound Dog? (4)
Z"It takes some beating to shoot Cecil in South Africa" - Express leader (10)

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