NTSPP - 357
by Simon

A A counterpart that is similar (5)
B Be right alongside one repeatedly having complaint (8)
C Applaud some reversible flashy display (8)
D Always performed outside on first occasion (3,3)
E Opening charm (8)
F Brave Les fares badly (8)
G Nod off having obtained outstanding cover on the way up (2,2,5)
H Not clad coming from cathedral centre (5)
I In the lead one can be found - unsuccessfully (2,4)
J Geniality, vital joy I suspected (9)
K Remain inconspicuous, maintain a soft outline (4,1,3,7)
K Family owns, in South Africa, capital (8)
L Left one bird travelling light (7)
M Doctor the redhead who has given birth (6)
N Alternatively do not change naturally (8)
O Merely impartial by a very small margin (4,4)
P Everyone during afternoon, everyone in London street (4,4)
Q Length Frenchman spent in wharf with uneasiness of conscience (6)
R Needed 24 sheets in a bright colour (8)
S I have less continuous prosperity (7)
T 12 months of duty (3,4)
U Disrupt troublesome teen lust (8)
V How animals might be doctored? (6)
W Most mistaken gent rows off (8)
X After ten years see fish with woody fruit (8)
Y Ted with easy concoction that had fermented (7)
Z Some brazen analogy came from Indian harem (6)

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