Big Dave’s Dictionary of Obscure Words

A collection of words used in crosswords that are rarely, if ever, seen elsewhere.

This page is dedicated to Don “Giovanni” Manley, who has probably used more obscure words than any other Telegraph setter.

Word Definition
 Puzzle(s)  Date
EA running water  T-1286 and others Tue, 4 November 4 2014
EAGRE a bore or sudden rise of the tide in a river DT-28089 Fri, 15 April 2016
ENS being / existence  DT-28084 Sat, 9 April 2016
GUANACO a wild llama T-1672 Tue, 13 September 2016
OMENTUM a fold of peritoneum proceeding from one of the abdominal viscera to another T-1672 Tue, 13 September 2016
TAMARACK the American or black larch T-1672 Tue, 13 September 2016


Further entries may will be be added during periodic updates.

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Created 09 April 2016

Updated 13 Septyember 2016